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Ariane is the author of Music Theory for the Bass Player. Available on Amazon.

Teaching specialties:

Electric four, five and six string bass
beginning to advanced levels, most styles

Improvisation for any instrument

Music Theory and its practical applications for the playing musician
(any instrument)

Practice techniques for individuals 

Practice techniques for ensembles and bands

Ensemble coaching

Mental Practicing

Teaching locations:
Step Up Music Vallejo
The Berkeley Jazz School (California Jazz Conservatory).
Lessons available via

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April 22, 2014
1 First Street East
Chester, Montana, USA 59522
To Whom It May Concern

This letter is in support of Ariane Cap of OoN. I am the founder of Arts Without Boundaries, an arts advocacy organization founded in 2001. We sponsor arts programs in schools throughout the United States.

Ariane Cap came to Montana in February of 2014 under the sponsorship of AWB, and did workshops and concerts for over 3000 students in many schools and several communities. She is an enlightening and inspiring teacher and performer, and she is wonderfully engaging for all ages and levels of students. Her recordings speak to the originality of her playing, but I can say that in person, her accessibility and warmth lead to standing ovations everywhere.
I recommend her to you completely and sincerely.

Philip Aaberg
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The Bass Pattern System is the fast track to getting the bass neck under your belt.

A systematic approach the pattern system...:
• is the way to knowing the fretboard in all areas of the bass equally well.
• helps you get intervals, triads and four note chords under your fingertips
• teaches you to think ahead while playing something else (just like it occurs in music)
• frees you to improvise without restrictions
• is a great technical workout
• is a comprehensive visual as well as kinesthetic learning system
• can be practiced effectively away from the instrument
• will greatly improve your ability to focus

Some groove samples referenced and transcribed in the book: