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Marleaux Consat 5 string
Marleaux Votan 5 string
Marleaux Consat 6 string
Marleaux Consat 4 string
Marleaux Soprano Bass
Fibenare 5 string fretless
Ken Smith 6 string
Bohemian upright (1900s)

TC Electronic amplification

Various pedals and Loopers

Brio Flute
Eclipse Tone Drum

I proudly endorse
Marleaux Bass Guitars, Fibenare Guitars Hungary, GruvGear accessories, TC Electronic, Dean Markley Strings, and Looperlative Audio Products.
Photo Credit: Tue Nam Ton

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I have been using Dean Markley strings for well over a decade. Their sound is clear and clean, crisp. without compromising fullness and warmth. The strings respond equally resonant across the fret board. The low B is fat and round, yet punchy, even in higher ranges. The C string is powerful and sounds like a bass string. Everything in between delivers reliable and consistent tone. 

I use Light, Medium Light as well as Will Lee gauges. Will Lee is my groove gauge and can be found on my five and four string basses - perfect for Jazz, RnB, slapping, funk or those situations that require an old Fender type sound. I use the light gauges for tapping or chording on the six string.  

In terms of playability they are the most comfortable string I have ever played. When I happen to play a different string on someone else's bass it feels to me like a blanket is thrown between my fingers and the wires. SR2000s don't feel clunky, yet the winding is smooth, so they feel great when sliding. I have in the past been able to make basses that felt unplayable to me much more comfortable just by putting SR2000 on them. 

Dean Markley 2000s carry all nuances of the settings I choose on my amps and basses (some of which have programmable electronics).  These strings are tapered at the end which I believe is part of the secret of their resonant and clear sound. It also seems to me that on some of my basses I can achieve an even lower action with these strings since they are skinny where they sit on the bridge.   I want a string that that sounds great in just about any setting and style, a string that I can consistently rely on. Most important: a string that inspires me to play, that feels so great I don't want to put my bass down.  SR2000's do this for me. 

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Photo Credit: Tue Nam Ton